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Wayfarer Media

Game Assets?

Wayfarer Media is a Design studio specializing in 3D Computer Graphics and Motion design. With our team with close to twenty years of experience in the game, advertising, and visual effects industries, your projects are in good hands.

About Us

About Us

3D game assets. Motion graphics for ads. Opening trailers. We'll help you make them. We've worked on numerous international projects for high profile clients including UNICEF, Red Fox, and Unilever.


Our individual team members bring their own expertise and style to the table, allowing us to not only offer you a wide range of aesthetics to choose from, but also know-how in executing work for specific media. Whether you’re looking for assets for your metaverse projects, explainer videos, or realistic movie openings, we have you covered. Ready to work with us?

Wayfarer Media is a company under the Leveret Group.

Our Clients


Our Team


Gerard Navarro

Studio Head 


Dale Dellosa

Senior Motion Graphic Artist


Myron Festejo

Head of Growth

Our Services

Our Services

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We can help you create something special. 


Animated explainer videos help get your ideas across. Optimized 3D game assets make your metaverses and virtual worlds more enjoyable to be in. And motion graphic trailers and openings help excite your players without breaking the bank. Here are some of the things we can make for you:

  • NFT and game assets

  • VR/AR/XR assets

  • Broadcast TV logos and graphics

  • Explainer videos and animated infographics

  • Intro titles for movies and games

  • Promotional videos

  • Social media materials

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We understand working with deadlines and budgets.


At Wayfarer Media, we value your time and money, so we strive to give you the best quality work output possible within your timeline. Efficient use of time means more value for your money.


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